How is dry socket treated?

Treatment could include the following:

Patients usually notice pain relief in about 5-10 minutes after the dressing is applied.

We have experienced fewer cases of dry socket since every patient is asked to rinse with an antimicrobial mouthwash and each patient is instructed on how to care for their extraction site through our website, verbal instruction and home care instruction handouts. We highly recommend patients use Breath RX  in their daily oral hygiene routine to help control oral bacterial.

Continue these instructions for the next 3-4 days:

News Updates on Dry Socket

Oral contraceptive may increase pain after wisdom tooth extraction

That tests on 267 women showed that those on the birth control pill were more susceptible than non-users to both postoperative pain and a condition known as “dry socket.” In this condition, normal healing of the vacant tooth socket is delayed by the failure of a blood clot to form. Infection instead causes the socket to remain empty. In the study, pain on the day after the operation was experienced by 30 percent of pill takers compared to just 11 percent of non-users. Five days after the operation the difference was 14 percent compared to 5 percent. The researchers said these results suggest that the pill may reduce the pain threshold. The differential was similar when the development of dry socket was compared. Here, 11 percent of pill users were affected compared to 4 percent of non-pill users. 
SOURCE: British Dental Journal 2003;194:453-455.

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