The Cure to Missing Teeth

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missingteethIt isn’t easy having missing teeth. There are many negative factors that can go into losing your teeth, such as the state of your emotional and physical health. Your physical health is put at risk because if you do not have all of your teeth, you cannot chew properly, which therefore effects your diet. If you keep a tooth missing for long enough, the teeth next to it will shift and tilt into the empty space. Consequently, all of the other teeth will shift into open spaces. The teeth above or below a gap can also grow downward or upward since they have nothing to chew against it. They can loosen and eventually fall out.

If you have recently lost a tooth due to some accident, trauma, or ill health, then do not go a single day longer without your tooth (or even your teeth).

Try out the groundbreaking all on 4 dental implants in Staten Island in order to receive new teeth in a day. The all on 4 dental implants in Staten Island do not take long at all. In fact, they only take one day to complete, which is why they are also known as new teeth in a day.

If you have been looking for that quick way to fix your teeth, then you can rely on the all-on-4 technology. Your teeth will be restored within one simple day. You can expect to go into your oral surgeon’s room at around eight and come out of the chair at four with a brand new smile. Of course, you are going to want to have some recovery time before you start biting into chewy pieces of steak and chatting with friends, so make sure to get some rest or to follow your oral surgeon’s specified orders. The all-on-4 technology can truly change your life for the absolute better if you have one or more teeth missing.


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Make your Tooth Loss an Issue of the Past

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I’m missing something…

Are you a victim of tooth loss? Perhaps you were innocently playing baseball with your older brother and before you knew it, you lost a tooth or two. There is also a chance that you developed a periodontal disease which left you with a few missing teeth. Poor diet can additionally play a role in the loss of teeth as well. Whichever reason caused you permanent tooth loss, you might have already experienced a few devastating consequences.

For one thing, people who are missing teeth are sometimes embarrassed or ashamed to display their genuine smile in public. It is possible that you smile without showing your teeth, or ensure to cover your teeth each time they show. Another unfortunate situation is having your pictures taken—when others include you in a picture, and they say, ‘Cheese!’ you are afraid to do so. In these occasions, your missing teeth can become a more obvious issue than before.

Let us not forget that tooth loss can also hinder your ability to eat your favorite foods. Remember that delicious steak that your mother used to cook for Christmas every year? Well, now it might not be as delectable because the physical pain of trying to chew it might make it pointless. Perhaps you and your wife used to love going to an Italian restaurant which served the best hard rolls around. Unfortunately, you two can no longer share the love of those rolls together, since trying to chew them leaves you nearly in tears.

Oh, and your speech? You have probably had problems with a few different vowels and consonants lately. If you are tired of your appearance, your inability to chew, or your obvious speech impediments, it might be time to invest in a helpful technology. New smile in one day at Paramount Oral Surgery can transform your life. Imagine smiling in public again, or eating that delicious Christmas steak.

With the New smile in one day at Paramount Oral Surgery, it truly takes one day to restore your smile. You will be able to experience all of the things you used to after a one day oral health procedure.


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How to Improve your Smile in One Day

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Smiles all over Staten Island are improving thanks to an innovative technology called New Teeth in a Day. New Teeth in a day in Staten Island is a rewarding experience. Imagine waking up from a surgery with a brand new smile. Forget about any missing teeth distracting you from your daily activities. With New Teeth in a Day, you can restore your smile, ability to chew, and much more.

New Teeth in a Day requires minimal recovery time. By utilizing cone beam technology, your oral surgeon can create perfect-fitting implants for your smile.  Cone beam technology provides incredible diagnostic images so that oral surgeons can accurately measure bone volume and density.

Implants are an excellent alternative to dentures. With dental implants, you do not have to worry about taking out a false set of teeth before you chew. They serve as regular teeth and can last an entire lifetime. If you want a new smile which enhances both your appearance and your health, this procedure can accomplish that.

Chewing with dentures is difficult. Food particles can stick to your dentures and can be too difficult to eat. Implants serve as regular teeth, which restores your ability to chew. Denture pain is another possible problem, especially for patients with a full set of lower dentures.

You can have a single tooth replacement or multiple teeth replaced with this groundbreaking technology.

New Teeth in a Day is a durable way to keep your teeth in place. You won’t have to worry about the embarrassment of missing teeth or having to remove your dentures. Additionally, you can toss your worries of your dentures causing you discomfort.

New Teeth in a Day in Staten Island is the ideal option for anyone with tooth loss in the New York area. To recover the smile you once had, consider New Teeth in a Day.

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Conquering Tooth Loss with All-on-4™Dental Implants

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“You’ll find that life is still worthwhile, if you just smile.”

― Charles Chaplin

Smiling is a daily part of our lives.  Think about it: how difficult would your life be without the capability to smile? It’s one of the easiest ways to express our emotions, and it’s a natural part of our physical response to our immediate environment. About 30% of us smile at least twenty times a day. When we smile, we can change the way that our brain operates and functions. Our mental health can improve just by adding a daily dose of smiling.

However, some people hide away their smiles as a result of missing teeth. Tooth loss can occur from a variety of different factors. Some people experience tooth loss due to trauma, such as tripping or falling. Extreme physical activity, such as frequent engagement in sports, can also result in potential tooth loss. Tooth decay and gum disease are two other common causes for tooth loss.

If tooth loss is getting you down or is preventing you from smiling, all-on-4™dental implants are a fantastic solution. With all-on-4™dental implants, you can restore the quality of your smile in just one simple day.

There are plenty of benefits to this new technology. With all-on-4™dental implants, you can quickly regain the essential parts of your life that you have been missing. Smiling will be a frequent part of your life again, without any embarrassment coming along (or covering up your mouth when you show your pearly whites!) With this groundbreaking solution, you can go in for your treatment at eight in the morning and leave your oral surgeon’s office at 4:30 PM with a complete transformation.

Don’t let your missing teeth stand in the way of your life. Regain your confidence with a smile.


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Oral Surgeons: Experts in Diagnosing and Preventing Common Oral Health Problems

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Staten Island is one of the five boroughs of New York City, and is an excellent place to seek expert oral care. With a Staten Island oral surgeon, you can discover treatment options that will be highly beneficial to the overall health of your smile.

What are a few common oral health problems?

Cavities and tooth decay: A cavity is damage to the structure of a tooth. Essentially, they are small holes in your teeth that require filling. They are caused by bacteria, frequent snacking, sugary drinks, and inadequate dental maintenance. Cavities are important to have treated because they can become larger.

Gum disease: This is an inflammation of the gums that is caused by plaque. It is a clear and sticky substance that is constantly forming on the gums. Gum disease can become more severe and turn into gingivitis, where gums become red and swollen. Smoking, hormonal changes, diabetes, and genetics all play a role in acquiring gum disease. Symptoms include bad breath, tenderness in the gums, receding gums, longer teeth, sensitivity, and painful chewing.

Tooth loss: Believe it or not, many adults suffer from tooth loss at one point or another in their lives. Tooth loss can occur for a plethora of different reasons, including poor nutrition, bruxism (or teeth grinding), poor oral hygiene, accidents, injury, and physical sports.

These are only three different oral health problems that might require the assistance of a Staten Island oral surgeon. Your oral health is important to maintain, since it can have a tremendous impact over your entire physical wellbeing. Additionally, oral health issues can suggest other problems that might be affecting your daily life. For example, diabetes and AIDS both have direct links to oral health problems. The signs and symptoms of oral health conditions can draw more attention to any other medical issues you are unaware of having. Your oral surgeon can provide you with a diagnosis and treatment to ensure your physical health.

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