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Fulfilling Our Mission of Patient Education

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Our next webinar is TBD.                       Drs. Sullivan, Erakat & Rabah.

Why attend a Dental Webinar?

At Paramount Oral Surgery, we devote about two days a  month to explaining, teaching, and counseling people who are considering dental  implants so that our patients can receive a better understanding of how it will work for you. Our free webinars are especially pertinent if you are missing  one or more teeth, if you are currently dissatisfied with your partial or full denture, if  you have had extensive dental work that is still failing, if you have  periodontal disease and frequent oral infections, if you have been told you need  a root canal, if you are permanently on medications that cause dry mouth (and  thus tooth decay), or if you have avoided dental care for years because of your  dental phobia—and are afraid that your mouth is long past saving.

Of course, if your teeth are just fine, but you want to know your options for  the future, we welcome you to come get some free dental education, too.

At the webinar, you’ll get to see implant information and meet the doctors  who will be doing the work.  They will lead a presentation and discussion on  dental implants—with illustrations and before-and-after pictures—and then give  generous time to taking questions from the participants.  Topics of discussion  will include the popular New Teeth in a Day™ procedure,  walking you through  the steps and conditions for each treatment.  The benefits of dental implants,  especially compared with normal dentures or partials, will also be covered.   When you hear some of the testimonies of our former patients, you’ll see why our  doctors are so charged up about what they do!

We offer these free webinars because, in the tradition-bound world of general  dentistry, these radical new technologies are too little known and too seldom  suggested.  Most people don’t know that such an option exists, an option that is  vastly superior to most traditional dental treatments.

If you have one of the dental problems listed above, you shouldn’t wait for a  second invitation to learn for free about the best treatment  available.

Webinar attendance is limited to the first 25 attendees!

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