Single Dental Implant Solutions

Dental Implant for One Missing Tooth

If you are missing one tooth, it can be easily replaced with a single dental implant in a simple and straightforward procedure. To replace a single tooth, a self-supporting, dental implant is placed at the site of the missing tooth consisting of a titanium base, an abutment post and a crown or replacement tooth that will look and feel like a natural tooth.

Dental Implants vs. Traditional Dental Bridge

A single dental implant represents the highest standard of care for the replacement of your missing tooth.

Most dentists do not have the training or expertise to place dental implants and because of this they usually employ a fixed dental bridge. Replacing a single tooth with a fixed bridge requires filing down the two adjacent healthy teeth, so that they can anchor the three artificial teeth that are cemented onto the two neighboring teeth.

This traditional, fixed bridge approach creates damage to the healthy teeth that is permanent. Further, research suggests that the once healthy teeth themselves become more susceptible to failure due to the placement of the bridge itself. This could mean an even longer bridge to fix the loss of those teeth!

A Better Approach with a Single Dental Implant

A single dental implant restores the lost tooth root, leaving the surrounding healthy teeth free from the risk of harm. Often, a single dental implant along with a temporary crown can be placed in just one day. However, this is just one approach of many and other approaches, such as placing the implant and allowing it to bond to the bone before placement of a permanent crown should also be considered.

During your initial consultation, the doctors at Paramount Oral Surgery will provide the guidance necessary to help you decide the course of action that is best for your particular situation.

A Solution to Bone Loss

It is unfortunate but true that if you lose a tooth, then your bone will suffer from deterioration. Dental implants fuse with existing bone and because of this enable the structure of your bone to maintain integrity and preserve bone density just as a natural tooth does.

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