Implant Dentistry in Staten Island

About Us

Oral Surgery in Staten Island

Many factors were thoroughly considered prior to the opening of this state of the art facility. Staten Island was seen as an area in need of specialized surgical services. The services made available had to be excellent and without compromise. The surgical facility had to include all the most recent technological advances.

Best in Class Dental Technology

The office is completely computer driven; all records are electronic and all films are digital. The high resolution CT Scan (Gendex ICAT) provides clinicians a 3-dimensional radiographic image of the teeth, jaw,temperomandibular joint and airway. Additionally, these digital images can be instantly emailed to you, other dentists and insurance companies to expedite and improve your treatment.

The surgical equipment is also the most technologically advanced. The operatories are equipped with superb surgical lighting systems, medical gases, anesthesia equipment, dental implant systems, bone grafting materials, cameras and computers.

Conveniently Located

The practice is conveniently located on Edward Curry Avenue and is open Monday through Saturday. The facility is brand new and truly a state of the art facility for dental implants in NYC.

Efficient Processing of Your Dental Insurance Claims

Most insurance claims are filed electronically, reducing the waiting time for reimbursement by 50%; a few insurance companies still only accept paper claims.