Wisdom Teeth Removal on Staten Island

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Approximately 90% of all Americans suffer from problems related to the growth and emergence of wisdom teeth. Due to the varying size of an individual’s mouth, it is not known whether or not wisdom teeth will grow in correctly until they actually start maturing. A major problem with the growth of wisdom teeth is that they sometimes grow in crooked and have trouble emerging from the gums. There is also the chance that there is simply no room left in a person’s mouth for the new teeth to grow, resulting in significant pain and discomfort. Wisdom tooth-related growth issues can be very painful and in certain cases life threatening.

Dealing with Wisdom Teeth

Also known as the “Third Molars”, wisdom teeth are relatively large teeth that grow in the very back of the mouth and are often removed through surgery. Wisdom teeth often grow in facing the wrong direction or sideways. The removal process has a very high success rate and our board-certified Staten Island oral surgeons will work hard to provide our patients with the most comfortable experience possible. When wisdom teeth are nearing full maturation, it is important to remove the tooth before the root grows completely. It is a painful process extracting the tooth when the nerves and roots are fully formed.

First Steps: The Oral Examination

If you are unsure about whether or not your wisdom teeth are growing in correctly, your worries will be put to rest after an oral examination. The examination procedure involves the taking of x-ray images of the teeth for further evaluation by your oral surgeon. Once the exam is over a doctor will analyze the growth of your wisdom teeth and determine if they are growing as they should or are in need of extraction.

Almost 90% of Americans suffer from impacted wisdom teeth so there is no need to feel left out if your wisdom teeth grow incorrectly. There have been various studies that attest to the value of examining wisdom teeth growth at a young age. People are often evaluated for wisdom teeth growth by the time they reach their mid-teenage years. Oral surgeons and dentists know that it is best to remove wisdom teeth before they have the chance to fully mature.

Wisdom teeth are easier to remove when the patient is younger, since their roots are not completely formed, the surrounding bone is softer, and there is less chance of damaging nearby nerves or other structures. Removal of wisdom teeth at a later age becomes more complicated as the roots have fully developed (may involve the nerve), and the jawbone is denser.

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The Removal Process

During the extraction procedure the patient is given a dose of general anesthesia to help relieve pain and anxiety. Dr. Sullivan and his team of doctors take every possible precaution to prevent mishaps or complications that may result from the procedure. There is the possibility of sensory nerve danger and sinus complication as a result of the surgery. Our doctors will go into detail about the risk of any possible problems before the removal process is underway.

After the procedure is completed, it is very important to follow the doctor’s orders in regards to post-surgery care. Our office will discharge you with antibiotics, a pain medicine prescription, and a list of instructions about post-operation care of the wounded area.

If you would like to learn more about having your wisdom teeth removed, then call the doctors at Paramount Oral Surgery in Staten Island. We can be reached at 718-494-2053, or you can fill out a request for information to learn more about the procedures available to you. Your privacy will be respected.

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